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Hawak Kamay Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of young professionals aiming to help less fortunate fellow in their own little way. The organization provides programs and activities that caters to the needs of Filipinos who are less in life. One of the current programs is child sponsorships (in connection with World Vision Philippines), which aims to help kids attain the possible highest degree of education that they need. Through our linkage with World Vision we are currently sponsoring 6 kids and hoping to sponsor more in the coming years. Another project we are engaged in are outreach programs which aims to enhance our community interaction and social awareness. Through this community service we are providing feeding programs and gift giving to the communities we chose to serve.

Mission: To provide help to our less fortunate Filipinos.
Vision: To institutionalize the organization thru official registration with SEC.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Day With Our Elders

Lat December 12, 2009 we were able to get the opportunity to mingle and share funtime with our elderly fellows. This is our 2nd outreach program for the year which also served as HKCF's Christmas Party and 2nd Anniversary celebration. On this day we found ourselves interacting with the Lolos and Lolas of Kanlungan ni Maria Home for the Aged in Antipolo City. Amidst heavy traffic and delay in our origanally set time, we still had the great experience of sharing our time and lives with them.

The experience we had on this activity is worthwhile, in fact some members of the group didn't manage to control their emotions as they shed tears because of the touching situation that they've shared. During the interactions with them, we were able to know their stories on how they got in the shelter. Their stories have touched many of us and made us realize how important our elderly is.
The day is also filled with fun as we did some games and partake sumptuous foods. We joined the lolos and lolas in playing their favorite game, BINGO. It was a fun game wherein winners got to get small gifts as prizes. Towards the end of the visit, one of the lolas shared us a poem that she while one of the lolos sung his favorite song. Before we end that day we had the gift giving not only for the elders but also for us since its HKCF's christmas party. This is truly a memorable moment that the organization will cherish for many years. who knows we may comeback to Kanlungan again one of the coming years.